11 December 2014

Attempting festivity

ZARA jumper, TOPSHOP jeans (here), PAUL'S BOUTIQUE bag*, RIVER ISLAND boots (here), ASOS faux fur stole (here)

If you've been reading this blog for approx. one year, you'll know that I'm big into Christmas. It's all I can think about as soon as the last of the Thanksgiving turkey is made into a sandwich. It's probably because my whole family has always gotten into it; Danmark has some really awesome traditions that always make December a little less gloomy and cold and a little more warm and fuzzy (ew but I'll let it go because it's okay during Christmas). That being said, I think we can all assume Christmas jumpers are not my thing. Sure- do I have one that says NICE BAUBLES and lights up? Yeah, I do. I'm not ashamed of that. Equally I save it for themed parties and worrying my friends.
What's a girl to do if she isn't on the Christmas jumper train? This big red bit of cosiness will do for me. No tackiness a suave bag and chunky boots can't handle.
Ho, ho.

07 December 2014

My Christmas wishlist

For any of you who might perchance be looking for a really, absolutely brilliant form of procrastination, I have two words for you; christmas and wishlist. Christmas wishlists, my friends, are the black hole where once a year my time falls into. Finding things for yourself, things no one can afford to buy anyone, things you want to get other people. Hours spent, hours I tell you. Regardless I've sent off the last one to Santa and it went a little like this- obviously rife with colour and florals like my usual self *not*. Essentially my aim for 2015 is to wrap myself in as much soft material as humanly possible and be one giant cashmere ball. I don't like to set my ambitions too high. 

01 December 2014

Winter white

ZARA coat (similar) and top, H&M TREND bag, BELLE BY SIGERSON MORRISON boots*, J BRAND jeans (similar)

Another day, another interesting mix of black, white and blue because it seems my mind is so fried from work that I can't actually comprehend the rest of the rainbow. I have two weeks left in Bristol before Christmas holidays start and I'm well and truly in the festive mood, so much so that I'm one gingerbread latte away from donning a Santa hat 24/7.  Not very Bristol edgy, but tempting nonetheless.
I have an essay on whether can know if the sun will rise tomorrow due in less that 24 hours so excuse me while I go try to remember why I chose the one course that seems to constantly conclude that we can't actually be sure that we know anything.

26 November 2014

Time to cosy up

ASOS faux fur stole (here) and polka dot tights (here), TOPSHOP skirt (similar), COS turtleneck, ZARA bag (similar), TUFFA boots

 Yo! With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow I'm getting in a cosy festive mood- I'll be in the Caribbean this Christmas so I'm taking advantage of winter warmers while I'm still in this chilly weather. This faux fur stole is my current fave- it is possibly the softest thing ever and baby blue is one of the three colours I actually wear so that's handy too.
I'll keep this brief since I have an essay due soon and I'm so busy! Bring on holidayz.

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