22 April 2014

Miami briefly

ZARA skirt (similar), top and shoes (similar), DKNY bag (similar), SCHOTT NYC leather jacket (here)

A very brief stop over in Miami en route back to London (should be back Wednesday if all goes accordingly) resulted in three excellent purchases; the above DKNY bag which will suffice as my LBB (little black bag) Chanel sub until I can afford the real deal, an H&M (black, again...I'm sorry mother) dress and a snickers bar the size of my arm. 
America is a wonderful place, people- a wonderful, wonderful place, even more so if you're in the market for limb-sized candy and discounted bags. 

18 April 2014

New and improved

M&S coat (similar and similar), KURT GEIGER skater shoes (similar), ASOS trousers, COS breton, ZARA bag // picture by Amber-Rose

Weclome to the new Into The Fold! With the blog turning five this summer (eep) I thought it was time to switch things up a bit and replace my DIY improvisations with something a little more professional. The new layout was designed so the pictures are the focus- but also so that navigation is a little easier. You'll notice the top menu follows you around like a cute internet menu bar puppy; it's here you can find out how to follow the blog, different categories (look out for a lot more DIY posts and Lifestyle posts in the coming months!) and take a peek at my travels and press.

 I'm beyond excited about this change and I want to cyber high five Phil, the genius behind Pipdig who turned my picture into a reality. I honestly couldn't recommend Pipdig enough, they also have some obscenely cute pre-made blogger templates for obscenely cute prices if you're not ready to take the full plunge.

I'm writing this just before we head off to Miami tomorrow afternoon (Saturday to you!) for a few days, this picture was obviously taken in London a few weeks back. I'm in approximately three places at once and my mind is scattered around like grated cheese.

Have a great Easter Weekend folks!

15 April 2014

Stripes 'n whites

#teenvogue // ZARA top (similar and similar) and skirt (similar), STEVE MADDEN sandals (similar), MOROCCAN bag (similar - 25% off most of Shopbop.com!), TOPSHOP sunglasses

 Happy Tuesday! Our final week here has arrived * clutches on to floor boards, 'please don't make me go!' * but luckily we're taking a couple days in Miami on the way home, so my separation anxiety from warmth might not hit so hard.
This top has just about the best cost-per-wear ratio of any of my recent buys, I reckon I could wear it everyday if I wasn't to clumsy and kept spilling down the front of it. Oh, the perils of wearing white.

Sorry for keeping things so brief here, exams and revision are being total attention grabbers.

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14 April 2014

Under the green and blue

#teenvogue // ZARA skirt (similar) and top, STEVE MADDEN shoes (similar), LACAMBRA bag (here or similar), SPITFIRE sunglasses

The brilliant thing (or should I say, one of the brilliant things) about thirty degrees celcius is that it requires no more than one or two pieces of clothing - layering is not my forte, I tend to just end up impersonating that friends episode. Potentially not my sartorial aim- but I'm working on it, I suspect by the age of fifty I'll be more Taylor Tomasi Hill than Chandler Bing (fingers crossed).
I guess what I'm trying to say is that the less clothes I'm wearing, the less time it takes me to slip into my pajamas. Aim and score.

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