23 October 2014

One, two, three... leather

SEA NY dress*, AQUA jacket (similar), KURT GEIGER boots, GIVENCHY bag (here)

By this point y'all know how I feel about leather- I like it. I dig it. We get on.
SEA NY sent over this amazing dress fresh off the runway and I couldn't wait to leather up and bounce around S.W. London for some good food and good company.
I'll keep this very brief since I'm exhausted, hungover and have lost all function of my left arm after getting my meningitis jab.
I did want to ask though if you guys might be interested in me doing a little post on uni life so far...lemme know!

20 October 2014

Notting Hill graphic

ZARA waistcoat and pants, MANGO heels (similar), COS turtleneck, GIVENCHY bag (here)

Maybe it's just me (who knows, I'm a bit of a weirdo so it isn't a long shot) but sometimes the place I am influences how I dress; summers in Danmark are all about scandinavian minimalism, America is a denim-cut off and sneakers kind of place and London is a mish-mash of absolutely everything. These photos were taken after a late lunch out in my favourite 'hood, Notting Hill. Something about the area has this innate class about it, and makes me want to ditch the sneakers and dress up a little bit. Whip out those less casual pieces that we usually stuff at the back of our wardrobe and save for 'the perfect occasion'. I'm not going to pretend I went for an afternoon stroll in these shoes though, because I value functionality in my feet. Good thing we eat sitting down, my friends, it's a good good thing.

17 October 2014

Baby blue crescent

ASOS trousers (here), FOREVER 21 bag (similar), ZARA coat (similar) and top, NIKE shoes (here)

Some more Bristol pictures- I had the pleasure of running into Amy one night out and not having known she was in Brizzle got a little over-excited that I'd finally found a blogger buddy! We had lunch at a great place called Friska that you have to try if you ever find yourself near the University precinct- I'm a sucker for things in boxes and they have the best hot boxes I've had in a whole, plus it's all freshly made and organic. Yum? I think so. Equally I've been living of halls food for the last few weeks so my tastebuds may just be craving something that isn't the Nutella packets I sneak out of the dining hall into my room and isn't baked beans.

On a more sartorial note, these trousers came from ASOS (I know, so bad at being a student, so so bad) and they're so comfy it's obscene and I think I'm going to live in them. I feel so edgy wearing high-waisted trousers, finally fitting in with the BrIstOl CroWd...just kidding. There are circles more edgy than me.
TGIF mateys.

15 October 2014

Love, Three Floor

THREE FLOOR dress*, MANGO shoes (similar), ASOS faux fur collar (here)

Being a student means two things; (in the sartorial sense, it obviously means a bucket load of other things) 1) I spend 95% of my time in my pajamas reading and 2) I spend the other 5% wearing trainers because somehow, no matter where in Bristol you walk, you're always walking up hill. I popped back to London last weekend and got inundated with blogger mail (best kind of mail) and among the parcels was this gem of a dress. Any excuse to dress up, I always say- I took this out for a spin to shoot it. While I didn't exactly rock this to Sunday lunch, we have a formal in my halls this friday and I reckon this dress might make a cheeky appearance. I find that if i get in to a habit of dressing down, I find it much more exciting when the chance comes to whip on a pair of heels and a pretty dress. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?

I've actually been a massive fan of Three Floor for a couple years now, they're always so on point with their formal wear and now that they're trying their hand at more casual styles, they're doing a pretty brilliant job of that too. Their aesthetic is fairly recognizable; elegant, high quality but also fun with the perfect amount of quirk. If you don't know them yet, you're welcome.
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