01 September 2014

Confessions of an over-dresser

GAP jeans (similar), ADIDAS Stan Smith (here), MARC BY MARC JACOBS wallet, ZARA top

I have two dress modes; could-be-going-to-the-Ritz and I-might-still-be-wearing-my-pajamas/ homeless-hoodlum. The latter is usually reserved for  dog walks and emergency ice cream trips to Tesco's because sometimes I just can't fashion. Usually though, I'm the one that shows up to school photos in a mini ball gown while everyone else decided that a blazer and shirt was probably more appropriate. For someone who claims to have a vague knowledge of how to dress themselves, I'm pretty bad at dressing myself for situations. This is my attempt at finding some vague in-between the two- trying to reignite some love for denim while simultaneously avoiding that whole hoodlum look that scares my mother. Summary; casual wear is not my friend, these jeans however, are so comfy, that I'm willing to make an effort.

29 August 2014

Back to black (again)

H&M TREND waistcoat (similar), DANIEL WELLINGTON watch (here)*, ADIDAS trainers, ZARA pants, MANGO top (similar), GIVENCHY bag (here)

Back to black as the cold starts to set in- or at least, when it looks like the cold is setting in and then you realise you're out in a wool jumper when it's 25 degrees outside and just a tad overcast. We don't do things by halves in England.
I turned into a sartorial chameleon for morning coffee with scandi twin Sarah (who also took these pics) because you only really realise how wild your life is when you blend in with Regent Street. It's a crazy life guys, hold on to your fedoras.
(I'm not entirely certain if anything I'm saying is making sense because I'm running off 4 hours sleep at the mo')

26 August 2014

Notting Hill Carnival with LG G3

All photos taken with the LG G3 smartphone and it's sassy 13MP camera

I had the pleasure of attending Notting Hill Carnival with one of the new LG G3 smartphone in hand and my best gal Cece in the other  (see sassy girl with shirt around waist). I usually carry my camera with me everywhere, but since I didn't fancy lugging a big bag around the Carnival having something that both functioned as a phone and a pretty darn good camera worked perfectly - even though the search for cell service when you lost someone was almost soul destroying. Had way too much fun using the hand gesture selfie function and was pretty dumbfounded when it still had battery after hours of playing around on it. We spent a few hours in the afternoon hunting down the best smelling jerk chicken, drinking rum from a coconut and admiring the costumes that filled every nook and cranny of my favourite neighborhood. I wore my favourite trainers and did the indie thing by wrapping a denim jacket around my waist even though it was twenty degrees. I had the intention of taking some streetstyle shots but let's face it, it was carnival and everyone was smashed. I'm not gonna be the person trying to get someone to stand up straight for a photo in a crowd of millions. I do regret not getting a selfie with a police man though...I guess I'll just have to go back next year...
Did you go? Did you try the jerk chicken? Because I could live off that stuff.

23 August 2014

What to wear to Notting Hill Carnival?

SCHOTT NYC jacket (similar), ZARA skirt (similar) and top, BELLE BY SIGERSON MORRISON booties, REGAL ROSE 'As If' necklace (here on sale)

Obviously I realise the likelihood of surviving Notting Hill Carnival in high heeled boots is slim to none, but this is sort of what I'd wear in an ideal world where heels were marshmallows and this skirt didn't rise up like nobody's business. I've actually never been to Carnival before so this is pretty exciting, I'm going both days too- Sunday with LG to have a play around with their new smart-phone the G3 (so sassy, you can actually take a selfie by essentially waving at the 13MP camera) and Monday with friends. Being my first time and with my general aversion to all things sartorially hippy like, feel free to help me out on what I'm even supposed to wear because I'm sorta stumped. Hopefully the weather holds up and if you see me, come and holla! I'll be updating my insta all day with the G3 and sharing my antics (and probs some wavey selfies too because how cool, right?)

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