28 September 2014

My favourite London lunch spots


I am by very few standards a fussy eater, and I love food. In fact, I just joined the food society at university. And the chocolate one. And the cocktail one. (And subsequently the tennis one out of guilt). Anyone who's ever been to London knows that there is plenty of pretty amazing places to get a meal- the last few weeks before I moved up to Bristol I went out a lot as a kind of ceremonial farewell to my favourite city. Here were my three faves.

Bills is a chain, but a bloody good one. They have everything from American Grill to loosely interpreted Greek food to Bangers and Mash. I've eaten there a lot and never had a meal less than freaking delicious. They have one in most parts of London, my usual haunt being the Richmond one. Well known for their brunches too, I'd recommend the Chicken Scewers or Pancakes and one of their fresh juices.

I found J&R after my friend got a job there, I kept visiting to try and catch her at work never actually thinking to just ask when she was waiting tables (yah clever I know) and they serve really decent southern American food with one in S.W. London and the other in Soho by Carnaby Street (can you tell that I pine for American food 99% of the time). Similar to Bills, everything feels fresh and I've never been disappointed. They serve brunch until 4, I'd recommend their Avocado Benedict (maple bacon is included?! need i say more), the J&R soup or the roasted chicken.

Located in Westbourne Grove, Granger & Co serves pretty tasty food in a pretty brilliant location. I've been a couple times and it's always buzzing but never too packed- that being said I'd avoid peak times. My personal favourites is the coconut chicken and avocado salad and pavlova, but I've heard good things about their scrambled eggs. Good, good things.

25 September 2014

Knot a big deal

H&M jumper (similar), ASOS top and skirt (similar), ASH boots, MOROCCAN bag, DANIEL WELLINGTON watch*

England has been doing that whole thing where one minute it's Barbados and the next it's Northern Russia in January weather wise, which is semi-not cool at all when you're trying to get dressed in the morning. The jumper knot is suddenly a super trendy way of beating the weather and also looking like a bit of a tool so obviously I've completely embraced that and now run around doing it all the time. Bristol isn't any better than London weather wise and I'm sort of both dreading and looking forward to when it gets chilly enough that I have to actually wear my clothes properly. Not entirely sure how I'll survive without wearing my outerwear (see coat; jumper etc) as capes but I will prevail. Maybe. It's a struggle.

22 September 2014

Up in the Hills

BA&SH dress (similar), BELLE BY SIGERSON MORRISON boots, SCHOTT NYC jacket (similar), ASOS hat (here), GIVENCHY bag (here)

Hey guys! First post from Bristol but these shots were taken in my main hood, Notting Hill.
Things have been completely hectic here, you can see a little snap of my room on my instagram which despite being a beautiful shade of yellow with pale green carpet (my personal fave colour match) I think I managed to make semi-livable.
Anyway! I always freak out when I buy more high-end pieces with the whole 'will I never wear this in the cold light of day' panic that you maybe get too, but this dress has definitely been a total lifesaver. It covers food-babies and it's hella comfortable without looking like my pajamas so if that isn't a sound investment then you can buy me a drink.
Like I said, I pre-shot a load of posts (lifestyle, fashion and some articles) to go up over the next few weeks while I try to find a photographer in Bristol (holla at me if you know one!) to help with blog photos. I have a glorious 6 hours of lectures in the week so I'm thinking I need to take up more hobbies to fill the time. Or you know, read stuff I'm supposed to.

21 September 2014

Hello Bristol!

MONKI coat, top & pants (here), GIVENCHY bag (here), ASOS sunnies

As per usual I look much calmer in the photos than I am in real life.
Camilla vs University.
The next few weeks worth of posts will be all pre-shot and lifestyle posts based in London since I suspect it will take a couple weeks to get my blogging feet on the ground in this new city.
Meanwhile I'm going to try to remember how to a) read and b) talk to other humans.
If you see me around, plzzz come say hi.

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