20 October 2014

Notting Hill graphic

ZARA waistcoat and pants, MANGO heels (similar), COS turtleneck, GIVENCHY bag (here)

Maybe it's just me (who knows, I'm a bit of a weirdo so it isn't a long shot) but sometimes the place I am influences how I dress; summers in Danmark are all about scandinavian minimalism, America is a denim-cut off and sneakers kind of place and London is a mish-mash of absolutely everything. These photos were taken after a late lunch out in my favourite 'hood, Notting Hill. Something about the area has this innate class about it, and makes me want to ditch the sneakers and dress up a little bit. Whip out those less casual pieces that we usually stuff at the back of our wardrobe and save for 'the perfect occasion'. I'm not going to pretend I went for an afternoon stroll in these shoes though, because I value functionality in my feet. Good thing we eat sitting down, my friends, it's a good good thing.

17 October 2014

Baby blue crescent

ASOS trousers (here), FOREVER 21 bag (similar), ZARA coat (similar) and top, NIKE shoes (here)

Some more Bristol pictures- I had the pleasure of running into Amy one night out and not having known she was in Brizzle got a little over-excited that I'd finally found a blogger buddy! We had lunch at a great place called Friska that you have to try if you ever find yourself near the University precinct- I'm a sucker for things in boxes and they have the best hot boxes I've had in a whole, plus it's all freshly made and organic. Yum? I think so. Equally I've been living of halls food for the last few weeks so my tastebuds may just be craving something that isn't the Nutella packets I sneak out of the dining hall into my room and isn't baked beans.

On a more sartorial note, these trousers came from ASOS (I know, so bad at being a student, so so bad) and they're so comfy it's obscene and I think I'm going to live in them. I feel so edgy wearing high-waisted trousers, finally fitting in with the BrIstOl CroWd...just kidding. There are circles more edgy than me.
TGIF mateys.

15 October 2014

Love, Three Floor

THREE FLOOR dress*, MANGO shoes (similar), ASOS faux fur collar (here)

Being a student means two things; (in the sartorial sense, it obviously means a bucket load of other things) 1) I spend 95% of my time in my pajamas reading and 2) I spend the other 5% wearing trainers because somehow, no matter where in Bristol you walk, you're always walking up hill. I popped back to London last weekend and got inundated with blogger mail (best kind of mail) and among the parcels was this gem of a dress. Any excuse to dress up, I always say- I took this out for a spin to shoot it. While I didn't exactly rock this to Sunday lunch, we have a formal in my halls this friday and I reckon this dress might make a cheeky appearance. I find that if i get in to a habit of dressing down, I find it much more exciting when the chance comes to whip on a pair of heels and a pretty dress. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?

I've actually been a massive fan of Three Floor for a couple years now, they're always so on point with their formal wear and now that they're trying their hand at more casual styles, they're doing a pretty brilliant job of that too. Their aesthetic is fairly recognizable; elegant, high quality but also fun with the perfect amount of quirk. If you don't know them yet, you're welcome.

13 October 2014

My everyday make-up favourites

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you how little I know about make-up. Most of the products I use I've used since I was thirteen and the newer ones I bought on reccomendation from the ladies in Boots. I'm not a make-up guru (or, ahem, a guru of any kind) but the reason I'm so set in my ways is that they work for me. I'll give you the low-down on my favourites;

I only started using this when I got a free one in Elle magazine which is perhaps not the best reason but heck, it's so darn good I still use it a year and a half later and keep topping up my stash. I usually use 2 different kinds, this and another generic No7 one to get extra volume (best tip is so use 2-3 different mascaras to get the thickest lashes, waiting 30 secs between each coat) but when I don't have time for that, this one does a pretty nifty job of making my peekers pop.

I only started using this in June just before my prom when I decided that stealing my mom's old stuff wasn't quite cutting it. I don't usually wear foundation, but when I do this is pretty brilliant at making my skin nice and dewy while still lightly covering up any imperfections. I apply it with my fingers but apparently applying it with a foundation brush is even funner/ more effective.

I rarely use this, but it's pretty excellent at creating a matte finish to your skin if you're glowing just a tad too much. I use 'Medium' which is a pretty generic and subtle colour.

Since I've come to uni, I've given up on the whole cat-flick eyeliner since it just takes too much time when you're going out 3-4 times a week- this kohl eyeliner works a dream to just add a small flick in the corner of your eye. Pro because it also doesn't end up half-way down you're face by the end of the night.

I'm really in to quite sweet and fruity perfumes, these two work perfectly for a light scent where you can get away with saying, 'no, I just smell like this' without it being entirely implausible. I've been using CK SHOCK for about three years now and always get a cheeky compliment when I do, so it's doing something right.

Another veteran product- I've been using this for five years now, the perfect foundation for when the sun shows it's face and your cheeks go a couple shades darker. Also great for achieving a matte skin look, hence the name. Pretty epic at covering up dark circles under the eyes, too.

I almost didn't include this since it probably falls more under 'skin-care' but heck, it's such a miracle worker, why not. I'm not sure how, or why- but if you feel a spot coming on/ feel a bit of a breakout on the verge then pop this on the danger area overnight and witness a miracle. While it probably won't cure serious acne, it's great at defending against awkward pimples. High five, sudacrem- you've been by my side since nappy rash circa 1996.

What are your veteran products?
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