21 May 2015

Rebecca Minkoff Wanderlust

REBECCA MINKOFF bag (here) & top (here)*, ASOS skirt (here), ACNE STUDIOS Adriana sneakers (similar) // Ph. Ella Kemp

Hey! I'm really psyched (P S Y C H E D) to bring you today's post with my main ladies across the pond, the Rebecca Minkoff team. I've actually been such a lover of the brand since they started hitting the big time with their bag collection, and it's been amazing to watch them expand into other parts of the industry with their RTW collection. I teamed up with them for their #RMWanderlust campaign to start thinking about summer getaways, but considering I'm stuck in Bristol with exams until June, my idea of a summer getaway was limited to an afternoon in the sun wandering around Bristol with friends. It's okay, there were smoothies involved. I'm okay.
Anyway, tropical and cow (because nothing says summer like farm animals?) prints made my afternoon a little brighter and I'm excited to take these bad boys away with me on an actual holiday next month...exciting...beaches...warmth...
I have my first exam tomorrow so with that little summer note, I'll say adios and talk later! Have a wonderful weekend.

14 May 2015

Denim pinafore dreams

URBAN OUTFITTERS denim pinafore (here), VANS trainers (here), ASOS top (here), VINTAGE backpack, JIYA, ASTRID & MIYU AND CARAT bracelets*, RAYBAN sunglasses (here)* // Ph. Ella Kemp

Hallo! As you can see, yesterday was BADASS weather in Bristol. I had the absolute, undeniable pleasure of spending most of it in the library studying whether time is real (I shit you not) and other Philosophy fun-ness. I did get to spend a little time in the sun walking home, and grabbing a smoothie/ shooting these pictures with Ella which was a very welcome break from feeling infinitely judged for sneaking a tub of coffee into the library.
I've been looking for a good denim dress for a while and as per usual, Urban Outfitters both answered my prayers and abused my bank account at the same time. This one ended up costing £15 more than I thought after reading the label, but I got to the till and was too embarrassed so I had to pretend I knew that and buy it. Excuses, excuses- I know. Basically my body is 50% coffee right now and I'm not functioning at human levels: the struggle is most definitely real.
I've also started the Kayla Itsines 12 week fitness program and I've done so many squats this week already that I'm waddling around university like a penguin. Apologies if you have to witness that.

11 May 2015

Life update

Some random tidbits, see more on instagram @ intothefold

Yo! A slightly more personal post today just to catch up with you all on what's been going on and some feeble explanations for my slightly less than stellar performance in the posting area of life.

As I've said a gazillion times before, I'm currently working on a pretty beastly piece of university coursework which is due in on Thursday, as well as studying for my end of term exams which start in about two weeks (okay, slightly less than that but let's be positive...). But that's boring and I actually signed up for this degree so complaining too much seems counter-intuitive. My course is bad-ass and at least what I'm studying for everyday is something I love. Pros and cons, mes amigos.
Summer is so soon, so that's working as a pretty big motivational reward. I'm hitting up the Dominican Republic, Danmark, Amsterdam and the US this summer as well as hopefully my first ever festival (Bestival! wahey I'm a poet) all with family or friends so I'm really excited to have some downtime and see some new cities! Any tips for 'dam would be very appreciated too!

I realise I've been a bit slow on the writing front, which makes me sad because you guys know I love to write more analytical stuff usually but I've been having to save all that content for the big change coming to the website- all very mysterious, I realise. I'm getting a great group of amazing people together to help push Into The Fold beyond a 'blog' and into something I feel more represents what I want to be doing with this little space, so please do keep your eyes peeled for July when that will hopefully all come together. I don't want to give too much away but if you're on the twitter then you probably have a pretty clear idea of where this is headed. I've obviously picked the most academically demanding part of the year to start on this venture (and a few other personal ventures) but I feel like it's nice to have some new exciting things starting to distract from the impending doom that is the end of my first year of university. I can't actually believe I'm almost done with it, it genuinely feels like yesterday that I tripped over a pile of bins in front of everyone during freshers week. I feel so old!? I can't imagine being away from Bristol for so long over the summer, it's kinda home now.

On another note, rumour has it the weather should warm up this week in Briz and we all know what that means: suns out guns out, lads.

08 May 2015

Ugh, As If

ASOS coat (similar) and velvet pinafore (similar), RIVER ISLAND top (here)*, NIKE air force 1's (here), VINTAGE backpack, REGAL ROSE necklace // ph. Ella Kemp

Wore this to grab lunch with my ineffable lady friend Ella to talk boys, bears and a little bit of politics seeing as yesterday was the big General Election in the UK, very exciting! I've decided not to share who I voted for and since this post is scheduled from last night, I'm anxious to see the results. I hope everyone who could had their say and fingers crossed it's a positive turn out, whatever the result may be.
The weather seems to be feeling somewhat indecisive lately so I reckoned now might be a good time to work this coat, and velvet dress before summer sets in (anytime now...)
Sort of past talking about how I'll try and be more colorful since it's exam season and I can barely think of feeding myself anything more complicated than instant oatmeal, let alone color coordinating things. 
Have an amazing weekend, kids don't do drugs etc...
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