26 March 2015

Five great London breakfast places

Jackson & Rye, Central & Co, Bill's, Gail's, Le Pain Quotidien

Breakfast is the greatest meal ever invented. I will happily eat breakfast food for every meal for eternity- during my exams a couple years ago I literally had porridge every meal for two weeks purely because it was reliable (perhaps not a particularly healthy meal plan but desperate times). It's a real testament to oatmeal that I can even still eat it, to be honest. Headed to London? Looking for some good morning grub while out and about? Here are five of my favorite spots thus far.

Anyone who follows me on instagram will know whenever I'm back in London I make it a top priority to 1) hug my dog 2) eat here. They do great lunches and dinners, but their breakfast really takes the pot. I've tried a lot of their stuff but my three favorites are the Avocado Benedict, Prison Eggs and their granola and yogurt if you're feeling healthy. They have numerous spots ranging from Soho to Richmond. 

I first went here for a meeting about a year back, and since then I always recommend it when I'm meeting up with someone around Oxford street. They do a mean iced latte, and once again, I rate their granola but I've seen the eggs and they look pretty egg-celent (not even sorry).

Another of my favorite spots- luckily I can get my fix in Bristol too as their is one pretty much on the university campus. I'm usually a meat eater but the above picture is their vegetarian option. Red pepper humous, avocado, sourdough and poached eggs. You can't possibly fault that, but if it doesn't sound up your street then the pancakes are among the best I've had this side of the Atlantic. 

While Company & Co, and Jackson & Rye give good Granola game- Gail's takes the crown. Thick greek yogurt, some of the best homemade granola I've ever had (so much so I brought a bag to uni with me) and killer compote. Again, they have various spots around London but I frequent the Portobello Road one mostly. Not because it's across from Hummingbird cupcakes. I promise.

By no means a restaurant exclusive to Londoners- they've got places in the states and in France too. Regardless, they're a dime a dozen around London and always give a strong breakfast. I like their oatmeal, but their toast and avocado and eggs are outstanding. Not feeling too hungry? They also do croissants etc...and some of the best hot chocolate ever.

Let me know where your favorite spots are!

23 March 2015

Oasis & Lily

OASIS 'Lily' jean (here)*, ASOS coat (similar), ADIDAS STAN SMITH trainers (here), A WANG X H&M top, ZARA bag (similar), TRIWA watch*, MONICA VINADER friendship bracelet*

Hello- long time no see! Things have been pretty hectic with the end of the semester approaching, a few last deadlines and a lot of reading taking up a lot of my time (hangovers taking over the rest). The good news is that I break up at the end of this week, straight off to Miami and the Caribbean for three weeks which means lots of time for posting and exploring! Very excited to escape the crazy indecisive English weather.
Oasis sent over a pair of their new style of jean, The Lily. Stretchy? Check. Comfy? Check. I wore them out to lunch when I was in London very briefly for a meeting.
I hope you all had the best weekend, I spent it holed indoors trying to write a 2000 word essay. Did someone say...procrastination?

17 March 2015

A little spring wishlist

TOPSHOP dungarees, skirt and shirt , ABERCROMBIE dress, FENDI sunglasses, ASOS jewelery and jeans, STILA makeup, NEW BALANCE trainers (scroll over for links to the items)

Opening my dorm window without instantaneously contracting pneumonia means one thing: Spring! And as I live in England, merely using that expression will result in a chain of events leading to four weeks of solid rain and...possibly pneumonia. Who cares! I can smell cut grass and it's warm enough that leaving my milk outside for a couple days resulted spoiled it. Hallelujah! (not for my tea, though).
Despite currently only having a £10 note to my name, and having lost my debit card, I've still got my eye on a few things for the next couple months. We're into the last couple weeks of term before almost a month in the sun, can I get a wut wut.

09 March 2015

What kind of man

ZARA pants and bag (similar), ACNE trainers (similar), F21 MEN bomber jacket (similar), COS breton top, QUAY sunglasses (similar)

Hello! Slightly long time no see but I'm back with all my essays done and dusted until much later on this month. Can I get a wut wut and a fist pump?
Wore this out to a late breakfast (I don't think it counts as brunch if I still had lunch, right?) with my mum. After several rainy days in Bristol it was nice to crawl out into some sun for a bit and feel less like I live in a damp cave of a city. As you can tell from my hair, it was still windy. Less fun but I'll take it over pouring rain.
I rediscovered this bomber jacket- perfectly over-sized and cosy, thank Mary for the men's department- teamed with some white trainers and a breton and I'm actually starting to feel like Spring might make an appearance this year. C'mon England, you can do it.
But the real question: is this outfit #blueandblack or #whiteandgold (JUST KIDDING).
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