28 January 2015

Something good

ZARA coat (similar), MONKI pants, F21 backpack (similar), NIKE air force 1 (here), DANIEL WELLINGTON watch*, WAREHOUSE jumper* // Ph by Ella Kemp

Another day, another beige coat. When will it end? Probably never since it's usually the only way I end up not wearing all black. I've been having big feels for these shoes, all the pros of my white pair without looking like I've gone swimming in a mud pool 24/7 (seriously though, how dirty are club floors that they can do that to white shoes?)
I've been 50 shades of hungover this week with all the post-exam fun times so I'm going to keep this short and sweet, and crawl into bed with a good book and feel really quite sorry for myself.
One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

26 January 2015

An art to life's distractions

ZARA dress (similar), GARDENIA CPH shoes, ASOS tights (here) and coat (similar), DKNY bag via Harvey Nichols* (here), MANGO scarf // Ph by Ella Kemp

I usually really quite avidly dislike wearing tights- ask any one of my flatmates and they will attest to the fact that I always go out in the evenings without tights on (here's some bad life advice; vodka helps take the edge off the cold). Sadly during daylight this is somewhat less accepted so I'll usually rebound into jeans or not leave my room until it's warm enough again (a.k.a. June), but something about polka dot tights has changed everything. Maybe it's because they don't remind me of old lady stockings, maybe it's because they have polka dots on them (obvious yes, but even so) or maybe it's because my brain is trying to find some compromise to fend off pneumonia due to my own stupidity and pernickety nature.
Legs, you're semi-warm for yet another day.

23 January 2015

All the classics

REISS trench coat* (here), OASIS boots* (here), LONGCHAMP bag* (here), J BRAND jeans (here), GAP turtleneck, ASTRID & MIYU bracelets* // Ella Kemp Photography

Nothing says happy Friday like all the classics slipped into one easy outfit (other than all the tequila's slipped into my arms). I ditched my usual sneaker and baggy shapeless black things look for something more polished. And when I say polished, I mean I even brushed my hair. That being said this trench coat and a longchamp bag together could probably make my pajamas look polished so I won't take all the credit, despite how hard it was to drive a comb through my exam knotted locks.
The last few weeks have been a couple different levels of stressful with aforementioned exams but I'm all yours now! I have a week or so of reading week before diving straight back into all the fun of lectures (genuinely I'm only being semi-sarcastic about that) so I'm looking forward to the extent of my decision making being which Netflix series to start and finish in one day.
And possibly also some reading so I don't start second term in a pool of Philosophy journals so deep I can no longer see joy.
Happy Friday!

P.S Oasis are running a pretty sweet competition to win a years worth of shoes, check it out here!

18 January 2015

My New York City guide

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