22 August 2014

Introducing Otiumberg; part one

BELLEBAS wallet (here), MOR brass ring (here), SABRINA DEHOFF bracelet (here), ASTRID AND MIYU rings (here) all via OTIUMBERG

I'm a huge supporter of anything that allows me to pretend to be cool and edgy, that is the simplest way I can phrase how and why I love Otiumberg. It's simple because of two things; 1) nothing says cool and edgy like dainty stacking rings; 2) Otiumberg sells those and more in abundance. As a store they sit somewhere between never finding those cool brands you never quite realised you were missing and dying before you've gone through the 900 pages of results on ASOS for simply searching 'silver ring'. Up and coming brands like Mor and Maria Francesca Pepe that cover everything from the quirky to the necessary. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing my fave pieces from their store, here is the first batch- trying out gold for a change and falling in love with this bracelet every time I look at it. Who would have thought anyone could make rope so sassy?

20 August 2014

Trying my bestest


Trying my absolute bestest to stop buying so much black and actually vaguely make an effort to wear some darned colour. While the former intention is not going so well, here's my interpretation of a rainbow. I'll keep this brief because it's my dad's birthday and I need to make le pancakes.
Happy hump day amigos.

16 August 2014

Ganni S/S'15

The first hint of summer in the Ganni collection came in the form of the show invitation; a bright, AstroTurf green with ALL IS VANITY, NOTHING IS FAIR defiantly written on the one side, continued once you set foot in the venue (a tennis court, fittingly enough). The crowds waited, balcony and center court, curious as to what kind of sartorial game we were about to watch. Sure enough, the show wasn't as different from the actual sporting game as you might expect. Pale blues in leather and denim served and were met with bright green track pants and those crisp white trainers. The vibe of the collection as a whole was somewhere between a country club and the run down side of town; heading one way at one moment, and countering back to an almost satirical take on conventional summer wear, what one might expect to see the crowds wearing at Wimbledon the next. The nod to tennis became less of a nod and more of an anchor; grounding every look indefinitely in summer while avoiding any kind of cliche. There was bold mix of the scandinavian indifference to conventional shape and styling and a careful attention to detail in the form of tied waists, draped jackets and lace bras peeking out from feminine lingerie sets and androgynous suits. Each look was easy, laid-back and brilliantly casual-  an imitation of sportswear at times, and a complete rejection of it at others, constantly rallying between the two. And those crisp white trainers.
Never before have those awkward zip up tennis jumpers your father used to wear looked more appealing.

14 August 2014

School's out (forever)

MANGO blazer (here - on sale!), ASOS skirt (similar), ADIDAS stan smith trainers (here), ZARA top and bag.

So if you follow me on pretty much any social media channel then you'll know that I recieved my A-level results today and will be heading to the University of Bristol (my first choice- eep!) to study Philosophy in September. I'll be moving up there late in the month, and will be needing a blog photographer. Ideally one looking to build a fashion based portfolio with a very good camera kit. If you are one/ know one then send them my way via email/ carrier pigeon/ hogwarts owl.
Moving on, I thought a blazer was an appropriately studious outfit for the occasion. Me and the mothership headed up to Granger & Co in Notting Hill for a celebratory lunch and managed to snap these before the heavens opened up on us and London reminded me that rain is very much a reality. I'm off to celebrate some more right now, today has obviously been a little crazy coming to terms with my future (total drama llama) and high-fiving all my friends for doing so well themselves. This is the end of an era!?!
More this weekend, talk later!

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