23 July 2014

Down in Helsingor

& OTHER STORIES top and skirt, DKNY bag, QUAY sunglasses (similar), ZARA sandals (similar).

One of my favourite places to visit when I'm here in Danmark for the summer is Helsingor- it is by far the prettiest of towns and while there isn't a whole lot to do (other than take a ferry over to Sweden) unless you have a boat, I'm a sucker for pretty buildings and there's no shortage of them. 
I took these pictures last week on one of the amazing summer days we've been having- weirdly enough nobody made any funny looks or comments when walking by, for once. I think I blended in with the Swedish tourists taking photos everywhere- note to self, take more outfit posts in touristy spots.

I picked up this skirt and top in & Other Stories a couple weeks ago in Copenhagen, despite loving the store I've never actually been able to find anything I absolutely must have. I feel really classy in it, way classier than I actually am, and that seems like an undeniable win to me. Anything that makes you feel like the Queen of a small yet powerful European country deserves a spot in your wardrobe.
Have a great rest of week!

21 July 2014

Beach dress day to night

ASOS sunglasses and bag, TOPSHOP bag, sandals and heels, RIVER ISLAND bikini, GEORGE AT ASDA dress (here)

Summer is in full swing and I'm feeling beach clothes big time- kaftans, sandals, sunglasses. The whole shezam. One of the great things about summer in terms of satisfying just how sartorially lazy I can be is that most summer and beach clothes can pretty easily move you right into the evening with a few changes. This sparkly frock is a pretty bangin' example of how- relaxed sandals and bright accessories by day, sky high wedges and...bright accessories by night.
Summary; summer = bright accessories if, like me, you're all black everything by habit. Bright pink bedazzles optional but highly reccomended. Why does everything seem easier when the temperature is above 20 degrees?

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19 July 2014

Brb I'm off to Ibiza

MISSGUIDED twin set (here)

As you read this I should hopefully be heading safely off to Ibiza, leaving Danmark behind for a week. Since this week is about hanging out with my friends and exploring a new place, I won't be blogging from there but I do have some scheduled posts ready and I will be instagramming so feel free to keep up with my little adventure there!
Have a great weekend!

17 July 2014

Five years on

BA&SH dress (similar), ZARA espadrilles (similar)

I can't really explain how odd it is sitting here as an eighteen year old and saying that I've been doing something for five years, something I started at the awkward and gangly age of thirteen. I don't want to be too blunt, but I've been blogging since before I even had my first period. TMI? I'm not sure but whatever, half the human population does/ will at some point do it so it's hardly a shocking fact. The fact of the matter is that my adolescence has been this blog; every piece of good news, bad news, news news, new things, new friends- everything, has been documented here. People refer to blogs as their diary- for me, blogging has become such an intrinsic part of my life. I'm used to it. For the last couple years especially it has become habit: I wake up, check emails/instagram/twitter to make sure I can reply to every one and every brand. Then I'd go to school, do that whole thing and then I'd come home and juggle the two as the battle between wanting to blog but having to write three essays became a reality. While this is a pretty obvious first world problem, I'd be lying if I didn't say it wasn't stressful sometimes- it's your comments and emails and your polite loling at my awkward humour that got me through most of the time. Thank you.

When I started blogging back in 2009 it had only really begun to take off. It was different. Truth be told, I'm done with habit. I've been talking a lot lately about pushing this blog further and shifting things up, and over the next couple weeks I want to do that, I want to start that process. For five years this has been, essentially, a fashion blog- but, honestly, I'm a little bored of looking at pictures of myself. I want to do something different- bringing back articles, new travel guides, city spots and reccomendations all mixed with what has always been the basis of this space; fashion.
Here is what I promise you, five years on- Into The Fold will become a reflection of life and fashion as opposed to just the #ootd. This will be a space where you will find outfits, DIY, travel and honest opinions of the fashion industry from someone who is only just starting to dip their toes into it, hopefully you will be inspired and maybe even smile- laugh, roll on the floor in fits of giggles. Heck, we'll do it together because nobody laughs at their own jokes as much as I do.
I think it's time to mix things up a little bit.

p.s speaking of five, congrats to Sarah who won the pair of converse, check your inbox!

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